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A team consists of 4 players, including substitutes. Streetball is played 3-on-3. There are no restrictions on substitutions during a game. The most important rule is FAIR PLAY. Every player is individually responsible for this. There is no referee. In tournaments court-monitors register the points and intervene in case of unfair play.

  1. First possession of the ball is decided by a coin toss before the start of the game. Only the captain can serve as a for the tournament management and the court-monitor.
  2. Before a basket is scored, the ball has to be in the hands of least two different players of the offensive team (compulsory pass).
  3. There is no „make it – take it“. The possession of the ball changes after every basket („make it – give it“). Before the game restarts, the ball has to be touched by a player of the opposite team (check) at the 6.25- metres line (check line).
  4. After every foul or ball out of play the opposite team restarts the game with a check behind the check line.
  5. After every change of possession the ball must be played behind the check line. If the ball is not played behind this line, no points are scored from this attack.
  6. Every basket counts for one point. Baskets made from beyound the 6.25-metre line count for two points. The player, however, must not step on the line.
  7. Delaying the game is against the rule of fair play. For this reason an imaginary clock runs during the game. If the offensive is not completed after 30 seconds, posession of the ball rolls over to the other team.
  8. Instead of the usual jump ball the defending team gets possession of the ball in case of doubt.
  9. The duration of a game is detarmined by the tournament management. If there is a tie, the game is continued with free-throws. Each player of both teams alternately throws the ball, until the game is decided. A player can only throw again, if each player of the team has once thrown the ball (no sudden death).
  10. If a player is fouled while scoring a basket, the basket counts and the possession changes as well. Every player is responsible for calling out his own fouls. A foul is any touch which obstructs the player in possession of the ball.

The court-monitor is entitled to eject a player from a game after the second intentional foul. Fair play is expected.